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First IBM building - Summer 1983, Raleigh, NCSummer 1984 co-ops at area picnic, Boca Rec SiteEducational Software, Summer 1984, Boca Raton, FLFirst full time IBM building: Building 227, Delray Beach, FL, 1985DOS 4.0, coded in assembler, delivered on 5.25" diskettesIBM co-ed softball, Boca, around '86, not many wins but lots of fun at Dirty Moe's afterwards!IBM Showbiz Club, pit rehearsal, Spanish River HS, Boca, late 80'sIBM Family Day, Boca, late 80's, Remember them?IBM co-ed softball, Boca, around '87Have to include one shot of Dirty Moe's, the IBM Boca hangout with mandatory roosters for promotions, rock shrimp, and fish dip!OS/2 1.0, 1987, historic times in operating system software with IBM and Microsoft, DOS, Windows, and OS/2My first IBM business trip, Time Square, NY, PC Expo 1988Yep, suits, every day, until we instigated Casual Friday's in the late 80's.  Check out the PS/2 system too.  NY PC ExpoDOS and Programming Languages software picnic, Spanish River Park, Boca, late 80'sField Television Network filming, New York CItyField Television Network, NYC, LIVE technical presentations and Q and AChicago, Comdex trade show or SHARE conferenceAnother show, another suitProbably my first (of many!) Vegas Comdex'sVegas, a few iterations ago